Ron Perry & Son – BP Fuel & Gas,
A19 Services Northbound & Southbound,
Elwick, Hartlepool, Cleveland TS27 3HH

Telephone: 01740 644223

About the Service Stations

The service-stations have an excellent history of combining state of the art pump technology with an excellent standard of customer service.

Northbound has been a truck stop facility since the 1950’s with the original Southbound constructed in 1974 on the back of North’s success. The service stations proud history began with S.O (Standard Oils) as a supplier and then Esso in 1969, Fina in 1997 (which amalgamated into Total in 2000) and we have been trading as an independent BP dealership since 2008.

Having switched from Total to BP in 2008 we now offer the Nectar Points and accept the hugely popular BP Fuel Card. In addition to traditional payments, we also take a wide variety of Fuel Cards and also take the bunkering cards of Key Fuels, UK Fuels and Red Fuels. Please call by, our staff will be happy to advise you on your fuel card.

We feature an expansive range of confectionary, car-care products, assorted accessories and were granted a license to sell alcohol for consumption off-premises in 2008.

The sites have been constantly evolving to keep up with modern advances in technology and 2008 saw the reconstruction on southbound of a new purpose-built shop facility featuring state of the art disabled toilets to replace the original 70’s building. The Northbound facility has been a historically prominent landmark on ordinance survey maps since the 1950’s and the building was re-clad in 2008 for a modern 21st Century BP look.